Useful Web Resources

iBoard ICT

Interactive ICT activities for Year 1 and 2.

Copy Rights and Wrongs

Advice and guidance on how to manage the complex issues surrounding copyright in a school context.

Culture Street

Introducing young people to the world of films and filmmaking, including a stop-frame animator tool.


A set of tools to kick start your ideas, develop creativity and get thoughts flowing.

Big Bus animal reference book

Online reference book of animals, suitable for KS1.

YouTube Audio Library

Free instrumental music from the audio library which can be downloaded and used in videos, presentations etc, without infringing copyright. A Google account is needed to access the library.

NEN Gallery

Gallery of images from National Education Network.

Pics 4 Learning

A safe, free image library for education.


An alternative image search service with advanced filtering systems.

Pixlr Express

Simple to use, free online image editing software – works with images saved on your computers.

Pixlr Editor

Works in a similar way to Pixlr Express, but with further tools.


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